Political Profiles

I believe politicians and their friends should be held accountable for their mistakes and crimes, just like ordinary people. This part of the site is devoted to fact-checking, analyzing and blabbing on the crimes committed by politicians, business leaders, and other politically involved people.

I also believe in rigorous evidence, and I demand proof before I draw any conclusions. My goal isn’t to sow dissent or disinformation – it’s simply to record, in public view, everything that we know about each case. Keeping that in mind, each case includes detailed information about evidence and sources, with a conclusion listed at the top of the case about how credible the accusation is (from “Proved” or “Likely True” to “Likely False” or “Disproved”).

Profiles of politicians I’ve researched are listed below, alphabetically. Each profile shows links to all of the accusations I’ve been able to go through. Needless to say, this list will grow quite a lot – I’ve got a lot of cases to catch up on.